Welcome to Firesafe Academy

for Firesafe employees!

Here you will find all our  internal courses and training. This page updates regularly, so check back to get the latest news, courses and training from your managers and colleagues.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can I not log in?

    Make sure your username and password is correct. If you still can't get in, contact your leader or contact us.

  • Where can I find my courses?

    After you have logged in to your account, click on "My Courses" on top of the page to find them.

  • How do I find my course certificates?

    Click on your name on the top right of the page, then click on "My Account". The "Certificates" tab will contain any certificates you have earned.

  • I am logged in but I don't see any courses?

    Make sure you have checked the "My Courses" link on the top of the page. If you don't see any courses on that page, please consult your leader or contact us. (The "contact us" button on the bottom of the page)

  • Where can I buy courses?

    This site is for courses for Firesafe employees. You can find courses for sale on https://firesafeacademy.no/ (.se / .dk / .fi)